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Remote Stand-up Comedy Sessions


Jean graduated from writing song parodies for her singing telegram company to becoming one of the top five writers at Comedywire, an online comedy writing resource with thousands of members. She dabbled in standup yet found her true passion was writing and creating show concepts that incorporated humor. She is the creator and producer of the upcoming "The Big Little Film Show," soon to be released later this year. Pick her to personally guide you in our new "remote" comedy workshop option.

“Having been a professional comedy writer for over 40 years, I can say without reservation that Jean Wescott has one the sharpest, most nimble comedy minds in the industry.  For five years, I served as the Head Monologue Writer to David Letterman and subsequently have written for many late-night talk shows.  Jean is as solid a joke writer as I've ever come across.  Her jokes are concise, precise, hard-hitting, and always hilarious.  I can't recommend her more highly.”


-Gabe Abelson (Stand-up and television comedy writer at "Late Show with David Letterman)

"Jean Wescott is my good friend and a true professional. She's very funny and very smart, and it’d be in any future comics’ best interest to listen and learn from this very talented woman."


-Jackie Martling (Former Head Writer "The Howard Stern Show")

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