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Photo of retro microphone at Vinnie Brand's Stress Factory Comedy Club

6-week Stand-up Comedy Course

The course consists of five three-hour sessions with three instructors plus a 5-camera  professionally videotaped live performance on the Stress Factory mainstage in week 6. Here you can show off your newly-honed comedic skills in front of family and friends. All instructors are highly regarded professionals with decades of experience to draw from. Because they are all working comedians, on occasion, a regular instructor may be unavailable, but there will always be at least three instructors in every class.  

  • Classes meet at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, CT for five weeks on Tuesdays from 7-10 PM. Live taping takes place in the sixth week.

  • If you are easily offended, this may not be the right class for you. Many different topics will come up with differing viewpoints. The goal is to make them funny.

  • Classes will have no more than 12 students. 

  • No make-up classes are offered. If ya' snooze ya' lose but we are always available via text and e-mail to answer questions or go over material throughout the six-week program.

  • We occasionally offer partial scholarships at our discretion. Contact us for details if you’re interested.

  • Get noticed by area bookers, with the possibility to perform at other venues.

  • Tuition is $550 and includes a copy of a professionally videotaped five-camera shoot of your showcase.

  • Payment in full is preferred but $275 is due by the first day of class.


Level I

Level II

This course is for students who have completed the Level I program as well as newly established comics already working the club circuit. This course consists of five weekly three-hour sessions (as in Level I) ending with a live showcase on the Stress Factory mainstage. In this advanced stand-up comedy course, you can expect to delve into more nuanced topics and techniques to further develop your comedic skills.

  • Advanced joke structure and timing: Exploring different joke formats, setups, and punchlines, as well as refining comedic timing for maximum impact.

  • Developing a unique comedic voice: Helping you find your own style and persona on stage, working on authenticity, and developing a strong stage presence.

  • Writing and creating original material: Focusing on generating fresh and original ideas, honing your writing skills, and practicing techniques for generating comedic material.

  • Advanced crowd work and improvisation: Learning techniques for interacting with the audience, improvising jokes on the spot, and handling hecklers or unexpected situations.

  • Refining delivery and performance skills: Working on physicality, facial expressions, vocal variety, and other performance aspects to enhance your stage presence and connection with the audience.

  • Developing storytelling skills: Exploring techniques for crafting and delivering engaging and humorous stories, and understanding the power of narrative in comedy.

  • Navigating sensitive topics and taboo humor: Discuss techniques for tackling sensitive subjects, pushing boundaries, and using taboo humor while still being respectful and mindful of the audience's reactions.

  • Handling different types of gigs and venues: Understanding the dynamics of various performance settings, such as clubs, theaters, corporate events, and festivals, and adapting your comedy accordingly. 

Classes meet at the Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, CT for six weeks on Mondays from 7-10 PM. 

  • Tuition is $550 and includes a professionally videotaped five-camera shoot of your showcase.

Promotional poster of Intentional Comedy Workshop alumn Erin Lynch currently working on the comedy circuit

Level I graduates are working!

Promotional poster of Intentional Comedy Workshop alumn Glenn Milo Price currently working on the comedy circuit
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