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Promotional poster of Intentional Comedy Workshop alumn Erin Lynch currently working on the comedy circuit
Promotional poster of Intentional Comedy Workshop alumn Glenn Milo Price currently working on the comedy circuit

Our Students are Working!

“If you’re thinking of taking this workshop, DO IT! 6 weeks of being guided and supported by AMAZING instructors, making HILARIOUS new friends, and having the opportunity to show off how AWESOME you are on the big stage is truly a life-changing experience!!”

-Cimarron Owens

One of the highlights of the workshop was the live comedy taping!  The Stress Factory is renowned for being a hub of laughter and entertainment, and the fact that participants were given opportunities to perform on a show in front of a packed audience was a game-changer. The chance to showcase our newly polished skills in front of a live audience was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating. However, with the support and encouragement of the instructors and fellow workshop participants, I was able to overcome any apprehension and deliver a performance I was proud of!

Moreover, the comedy community at The Stress Factory was incredibly welcoming. The local comedians and regulars made us feel like part of the family, providing valuable insights and advice that will undoubtedly shape my future performances.

-Patsy Ciccaglione

"Five out of Five Stars. The Workshop is a powerful blend of on-stage exercises, combined with receiving real-time feedback from professional Comedians in a constructive, supportive environment. An invaluable experience, for anyone interested in exploring or expanding their Stand-up skills.”


-Bill Wiltsie

"The instructors at the Intentional Comedy Workshop bring out the best in every person in the class. I really appreciated the level of individual attention and advice I got for making my own set the best it could be. They genuinely want you to succeed and truly care about every person having a great experience."  

-Julia Rogers

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